Lacy and the pool dude

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Lacy B. Cummings is sunning herself by way of the pool on a magnificent, sunny day in Southern California. However the sweetie of the day pales compared to Lacy, whose smokin’-hot, 52-year-old bod seems epic in her little swimsuit.

“I in truth have a fresh pool dude lately,” this blond sweetheart tells her gf over the telephone. “He is sizzling. Indeed youthful, similar to we adore them. I will take some images and ship them to you. No, we’ve not humped the rest but.”


“Oh, and I believe I spotted his wood getting rock-hard, too. He has a fat wood. I keister’t wait to watch it.”

The pool dude appears. He is introduced her water. He is additionally now not dressed in a tee-shirt. Is that this boy a pool dude or Lacy’s individual submissive? We are about to detect.

After Lacy asks him to make her one thing stronger–an grownup beverage, should you will–she goes after him inwards.

“I need one thing more potent than that,” adolescent says. “How about your cute, rock-hard wood?”

Neatly, like we stated, this intended pool dude does not appear to have introduced alongside any rig excluding his wood. And Lacy is unlikely to stand against. So he does not stand against, and prior to lengthy, Lacy is deep throating and railing his fat hard-on.

“The junior studs are all the time taking a look at me,” stated Lacy, who is a mummy and a grandma. “There is something a few mature gal that they’re indeed drawn to. It makes them super-naughty and servant to me.”

There is something about Lacy? We keister lightly body out precisely what this is. Simply glance at her.